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Guide to getting a good sleep while traveling

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We all know that travelling overseas is exciting but sleeping is essential so that you can wake up the following morning fresh and ready to play and enjoy your journey. Between getting jet lagged from family travels to putting your body through longer days of work and festivities, sleep deprivation is something many of us suffer from during the holidays. In order to get back to life as quickly as possible, we have a few useful tips:

  1. If you can sleep on the plane normally, then try to book a night flight so that you can sleep for at least a few hours before you arrive. After arrival, try to stay up until your normal sleeping time say 11pm an then go to sleep.

  2. Don't eat a big meal just before you go to bed even though you may be very excited trying new food upon arrival. Don't drink too much either just in case you need to go to the toilet multiple times at night.

  3. If jet lag is a major problem for you, try to have a short nap when you really cannot stay awake anymore. But keep the time to a minimal, usually 20 minutes nap is enough to keep you going for a few more hours.

  4. Wear loose clothing while in bed and adjust the air conditioner to around 21 degree unless you are one of those people who always feel hot in bed at night.

  5. Before you go to bed at night, plan ahead the following day's activities, so that you don't have to think about that trying to get into sleep in bed.

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